Aviation fuel and lubricant

AFS Aviation, a subsidiary of Harnois Énergies

National leader in the supply of all types of fuel for both airlines and vehicles.

  1. A key player

    AFS Aviation is a leader in fuel supply for both gasoline and diesel fuel. By leveraging our strategic fuel supply and transportation network, we can ensure efficient, timely and cost-effective delivery of all fuel requirements.

    Over the past decade, AFS Aviation has established itself as a key player in the JET A-1 and AVGAS aviation fuel market. Through our growing network of service providers, our team can meet the refuelling needs of our customers in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner.

  2. A trusted partner

    We are trusted by airport FBOs, airlines and transport companies to manage the supply and distribution of millions of litres of fuel annually. Strategic supplier relationships, along with the ability to provide a full range of control systems and services, makes AFS Aviation a trusted partner for the entire airline industry as well as for ground refuelling services.

Our points of service and FBOs

Our expertise extends well beyond the sale of fuel and deicing fluid. We also offer fuel management systems, fuelling equipment sales and service, and a complete system of customer service solutions.

Discover our points of service and FBOs