H-Go special products

We package H-Go products at our Saint-Thomas distribution centre.

To complete our petroleum and lubricant product line, we offer complementary products under our private label, H-Go, as well as MobilTM brand lubricants.

  1. Windshield washer fluid

    Clean your windows effectively and safely with our H-Go windshield washer fluid, available in 3.78 L containers. You can also purchase our windshield washer fluid in bulk (self-serve). The installation of these tanks has eliminated over 70,000 plastic containers since 2019.

    Download safety data sheet -40 °C   Download safety data sheet -45 °C  
  2. Diesel exhaust fluid

    Reduce NOx emissions and your environmental impact with our H-Go urea solutions for diesel engines.

    Download safety data sheet  
  3. Chain oil

    Protect and lubricate your chains with this tough, resistant H-Go lubricant that won’t drip.

    Download safety data sheet  
  4. Solvents

    Solvents are used to dilute, to clean and to degrease mechanical parts and components, and are safe for the food industry.

    Download safety data sheet