The right lubricant for your equipment makes all the difference!

With our lubricants, maintenance downtime is reduced, efficiency is increased and our customers remain competitive in the Canadian industry.

  1. Our team at Harnois Énergies, combined with that of our supplier Imperial Oil, has developed a recognized expertise in lubrication to serve businesses and individuals in Quebec. The Imperial Oil team is among the oil suppliers most recommended by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

MobilTM lubricants for automobiles, heavy-duty and industrial vehicles

  1. We’re proud that the MobilTM line of lubricants continues to meet the latest standards and technologies: specialists at Imperial Oil’s Research Centre, the largest of its kind in Canada, continually improve and monitor the quality of MobilTM products.

  2. Extended service life

    Using the right lubricant is critical for the engine, hydraulic system, transmission, and many other components. By choosing a lubricant from the MobilTM line, you can extend engine life by reducing the risk of corrosion, wear, and the accumulation of dirt and deposits. Repeat repairs will be avoided, and productivity will be optimized.

  3. Engine performance at all temperatures

    Whether it’s 20°C or -30°C outside, MobilTM lubricants get appliances and vehicles up and running quickly. They protect engines and keep equipment performing at an exceptional level under all conditions.

  4. Optimal, reduced maintenance time

    No matter which MobilTM lubricant you choose, you’ll be able to service your vehicles and equipment quickly. Our lubricants are formulated to reduce the amount you need to use, and to use less often, so you always get the best performance. MobilTM lubricants also clean equipment hydraulic systems, reducing the risk of damage due to dirt.

  5. MobilTM line of lubricants (oils and greases)

    For every industry, there’s an engine oil, grease, or lubricant that’s right for vehicles and equipment.