Propane delivery

Our propane distribution service contributes to making Harnois Énergies an all-in-one company. We serve agricultural, commercial and residential customers, and our service meets the strictest safety standards for propane delivery.

Residential propane

The tanks offered for rent and sale at Harnois Énergies give access to annual contracts that will meet your needs.

Scheduled delivery

Take advantage of our telemetry service, with a real-time reading device installed on your tank. Telemetry gives you peace of mind: you are always supplied on time, since we know your propane level at all times.

Emergency delivery

Have an emergency in the middle of the night? Just call us. We offer 24-hour emergency delivery.To reach our emergency service, fill out the form or call us at 1 877 544-0437.

Discover our customer portal

Thanks to our customer portal, you can track your account activity and view your bills and statements on an easy-to-navigate, uncluttered website.

Heating oil delivery

Harnois Énergies heating oil is available to both residential and commercial customers. Our home refuelling service is simple, fast and economical.

Request an heating oil delivery  

Questions about propane?

If you have any questions about the use of propane, don’t hesitate to consult our frequently asked questions.

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