Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to use and operation

What is propane?

Why use propane?

What tank and bottle sizes are available?

What standards respecting the location of a tank near a residential building must be met?

At which point can the propane supply be connected during a building construction?

How to calculate an appliance’s consumption?

How to light an appliance’s pilot?

Questions related to safety

What to do in the case of a gas leak or smell?

How to detect a propane gas leak ?

What to do if I smell propane?

How do I know the level of propane left in the tank?

When refilling my propane tank, is it normal for it to be filled to less than its full capacity?

Can I turn off the power supply in an emergency?

What should I do before undertaking major landscaping projects?

What are the safety measures in case of flooding?

How can I make sure that my installations are safe during the winter?

Should I cut down trees and shrubs near the tank?

Questions related to customer service

Why do I need to sign an agreement?

What is the process for becoming a new customer?

What should I do when I sell my home?

How can I pay an invoice?

Is it possible to make my payment in installments?

What is the Harnois Énergies 24/7 emergency hotline?