Harnois Énergies would not be what it is today without the devotion of its employees.

The advantages of working
at Harnois Énergies

At Harnois Énergies, you are guaranteed a friendly and relaxed workplace. Joining our family means growing in an enriching and authentic environment, whether you’re a representative in one of our stores, a truck driver or working in a position at our headquarters.

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Our departments

  1. Finance

    Are you a numbers person who wants to apply your finance skills in a growing company?

  2. Business Innovation and Solutions

    Your primary mission is to be a reference in innovation, structure and organization while ensuring that consistently high-quality services are offered. By joining our team, you’ll have a role in the growth of our company.

  3. Marketing and Communications 

    Looking to express your creativity at a company while playing a part in major projects? Harnois Énergies is offering you that opportunity.

  4. Commercial and Industrials Sales 

    Thrive on client-facing work? Apply your talents in commercial and industrial sales.

  5. Retail Sales

    Our retail network is constantly expanding, giving you an ideal opportunity to play a role in this growth.

  6. Human Resources

    Becoming a part of Human Resources at Harnois Énergies means joining a dynamic team that connects the company’s over 850 employees.

  7. Transport and Operations 

    Passionate about on-the-ground work? Harnois Énergies is offering a number of positions related to product transport, product handling and supply.

Health and well-being Program 

At Harnois Énergies, we are committed to our employees’ well-being. That’s why we have a Health and Well-being Program, which aims to promote health in all its forms. This program provides employees with tools in four main areas: physical activity, financial activity, recipes and resources. The Program also organizes contests and events. As we know that physical health promotes mental health, we have also introduced a free workout program for our employees.

Skill Development

Looking to grow at a company? At Harnois Énergies, skill development is important to us. You will have the opportunity to receive training related to your area of expertise and to grow during you career at Harnois Énergies.

Sustainable Development

Harnois Énergies is conscious of environmental issues and committed to implementing sustainable development and social responsibility strategies within the settings in which it operates. Through their commitment and engagement, our employees play a key role in the success of these initiatives.

OSER-JEUNES certification

The OSER-JEUNES certification program offers recognition to employers in the Lanaudière region who value education and promote school-work balance. Harnois Energies is proud to hold the Gold certification. It is indeed important for us to value education and to offer young people employment conditions that allow them to balance school and work to increase their chances of succeeding at school.


Efficiently provide sources of energy, specialty products and quality services with a distinguished customer experience.


Be a leading supplier in Canada in all our business sectors.


At Harnois Énergies, in order to build our brand, we adhere to the values that our founder held dear. Passionately strive for ingenuity, act with authenticity, honour my commitments and enjoy success through smart collaboration

Make a career with one of our convenience stores

At Harnois Énergies, we guarantee that you’ll evolve in a safe, enriching and real environment. Put your professionalism and dynamism to work in one of our Proxi or Proxi Extra convenience stores as a Harnois Énergies customer service representative.

Become a service station agent

Would you like to put your expertise and leadership in the business world to good use? Join our team as a Harnois Énergies service station agent! Put your business and management skills to good use while taking advantage of the reputation of our brands to increase your profits.