Our delivery service is available 24 hours a day.

Fast and reliable delivery

At Harnois Énergies, we make it our duty to supply our customers quickly.

  1. Flexible delivery to suit your needs

    We deliver in bulk and in a wide range of packaged formats. Need various products? We can deliver them all in a single load!

    Our truck-to-truck fuel delivery services means you can fuel your fleet quickly and easily, without having to interrupt your operations. Our products can be delivered by land, water or rail, according to your needs.


  2. Secure transport service

    All our vehicles are designed for safe delivery. Our drivers are properly trained and carry out all their delivery work in compliance with industry standards.

  3. Truck-to-truck on-site fuel delivery

    Choose truck-to-truck refuelling to save time and money. No need to interrupt your operations—we deliver directly to your workplace so you never run out of fuel! We also provide a detailed per-vehicle report so you can check your fuel consumption easily.