Specialized products

Choose top-quality H-Go products for the best reliability!

Manufactured and packaged in our own distribution centre, our wide range of H -Go products will meet all your automotive needs.

  1. Windshield washer fluid

    With our H-Go windshield washer fluid, clean your windows effectively, with no danger to your vehicle’s body. Available in a 3.79-litre format and in bulk via self-serve. A bonus: our self-service windshield washer fluid tanks eliminate more than 40,000 plastic containers every year!


    Add our H-Go coolants to your recreational vehicle (diesel, gasoline or natural gas engine). They meet the most stringent manufacturer requirements.

  2. Chain oil

    Protect and lubricate your chains with this tough, resistant H-Go lubricant that won’t drip.


    Degrease and clean your mechanical parts and other components using our H-Go solvents. Also safe for the food sector.


H-Go Safety Data Sheet

-40 Windshield washer fluid

-45 Windshield washer fluid

Plumbing antifreeze

Antifreeze Heavy Duty Long Life 50/50

Antifreeze Heavy Duty Long Life 55/45

Antifreeze Heavy Duty Long Life 60/40

Antifreeze Heavy Duty Long Life 50/50 nitrite free

Multi-vehicle antifreeze 50/50

Concentrated multi-vehicle antifreeze

Concentrated long life heavy-duty antifreeze

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