Our vision
of hydrogen

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A few important

2018 Announcement of multi-energy station in Quebec City
2019 Commissioning of multi-energy station in Quebec City
February 2023 Announcement of hydrogen train
June 2023 Announcement of Harnois Énergies ordering five PACCAR fuel cell trucks
June 2023 Launch of hydrogen train
August 2023 Quebec Hydrogen Day in Charlevoix (press conference and hydrogen train ride)

Production, sale and distribution of green hydrogen at Harnois Énergies

The hydrogen produced at our Quebec City site is made using water and green electricity (the latter supplied by Hydro-Québec). The process, called water electrolysis, uses electrical energy to split water molecules. The hydrogen is stored in our tanks and compressed for on-site sale or distribution. The service station at 5105 Wilfrid-Hamel Boulevard has been providing fuel for the clean powering of hydrogen cars since 2019. Today, there are more than 75 hydrogen-powered vehicles on Quebec roads. . Our expertise in energy distribution was put to more good use in the summer of 2023, when our team supplied the green hydrogen to power the Alstom train, a project developed by the Quebec government in collaboration with HTEC and Train de Charlevoix.