Auto propane

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27% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles, propane vehicles produce less particulate matter that is released into the environment.

  1. Propane – an environmentally friendly fuel

    Propane is a low-carbon energy source that burns more cleanly than gasoline and diesel fuel. Compared to gasoline, propane produces up to 27% fewer greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of a vehicle. In addition, auto propane emits 98% fewer suspended particulates than diesel fuel.


  2. Modern, safe technology

    Modern propane supply systems are protected by pressure regulators and safety valves that virtually eliminate the possibility of excessive pressure or leaks.

    Not only do auto propane tanks meet Transport Canada standards, they are also 20 times more impact-resistant than gasoline tanks. Vans and cars that have been converted to propane are as safe as, if not safer than, traditional gasoline-powered vehicles!



  3. Using an auto propane vehicle in Quebec

    There are no restrictions on using a propane-powered vehicle on public roads in Quebec, whether in tunnels, ferries or underground parking lots. You can therefore drive anywhere in the province without worry.