Commercial propane

Harnois propane

We serve agricultural, commercial and residential customers, and our service meets the strictest safety standards for propane delivery.

  1. Propane for agricultural businesses

    Propane is increasingly popular in the agricultural market as a new source of energy for many uses: heating buildings and greenhouses, drying food and controlling weeds. Propane is also used to power a variety of equipment on the job site. Efficient, clean and precise, propane is an ally for any agricultural professional.

    With its head office located in the heart of the Lanaudière region, a highly agricultural part of the province, Harnois Énergies is an important energy supplier for the agriculture sector, due to its proximity and its large distribution network.

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  2. Propane for commercial, manufacturing and industrial sites

    Propane and its virtues can be found on agricultural land, construction sites, and industrial, manufacturing and commercial sites. Whether it is used to heat heating units or food in restaurant kitchens, to power forklifts or heating equipment in the kitchen, Harnois Énergies offers it.

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Residential propane

Whether for residential heating, cooking appliances or powering various appliances such as barbecues, water heaters, fireplaces, refrigerators or generators, Harnois propane is the obvious choice.

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If you have any questions about the use of propane, don’t hesitate to consult our frequently asked questions.

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