Fuel delivery and supply

Our petroleum product delivery service operates day and night. If a customer has an urgent delivery, we take care of it. In all cases, the petroleum products arrive on time and our customers’ operations are uninterrupted.

Fast and reliable delivery

At Harnois Énergies, we make it our duty to supply our customers quickly.

  1. Flexible delivery conditions, depending on customers’ needs

    We can deliver in bulk and in a wide variety of packaged formats. If a customer needs several types of petroleum products, we can deliver them all in one load. The products can arrive by land, sea or rail, depending on the customer’s needs.

    To refuel a customer’s fleet without interrupting its activities, we also offer a truck-to-truck fuel delivery service.

  2. Secure transportation service

    Regardless of the type of transportation chosen, all our vehicles are adapted for petroleum products. Our drivers are trained and perform their work in compliance with safety and industry standards.

  3. On-site, truck-to-truck fuel delivery

    To save time, opt for truck-to-truck refuelling. There’s no need for customers to interrupt their workday to fill up. We deliver on site: the most economical solution to always have the fuel you need, no matter where you are.

  4. Save time and money

    Customers no longer have to wait at the service station because we offer on-site delivery. We can fill up trucks on the job site and equipment at the mine. In all cases, the fuel arrives on time and operations are not interrupted, for optimal productivity. A detailed report per vehicle will be provided, so that fuel consumption can be easily tracked.

  5. Safe and fast delivery

    Our vehicles are adapted for petroleum products and our drivers are well trained in safety procedures. Our 24-hour delivery service is carried out in complete safety, in compliance with all industry regulations.

    If a customer has an urgent delivery, we can take care of it. In all cases, their petroleum products arrive on time and their operations are not interrupted.

Lubrication expertise

Advice, training and research: Our team at Harnois Énergies, combined with that of our supplier Imperial Oil, has developed a recognized expertise in lubrication to serve businesses and individuals in Quebec.

Discover our lubrification expertise  

Cardlock network

These stations, commonly referred to as “Cardlocks,” allow customers to be completely self-sufficient. At any time of the day or night, customers can refuel their trucks at one of our automated diesel fuelling stations.

Discover our Cardlock network