Our fuels

Harnois Energies offers several types of fuels to meet the needs of each consumer.

Discover our different types of fuel

Whether you own a single car or a fleet of trucks, our 400 Harnois, Pétro-T and Esso service stations, as well as our Énergies Express stations, are there to help you refuel, wherever you are in Quebec.

  1. Gasoline and diesel fuel

    With our fast delivery and distribution service for gasoline and diesel fuel, you are assured of timely and reliable refuelling. We can deliver directly to your trucks, at your place of work. You can also purchase gasoline or diesel fuel in bulk and barrels for your machinery or commercial vehicles.

    Need diesel fuel in the middle of the night? Use our 24-hour automated diesel fuel stations with your Énergies Express or Key to the Highway Cardlock card. These convenient cards not only allow you to purchase diesel fuel at current commercial prices, but also make it easy to track your purchases, statements and much more.

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  2. Hydrogen

    In partnership with Transition énergétique Québec, Toyota Canada and Natural Resources Canada, Harnois Énergies contributed to the creation of the very first multi-energy service station in Quebec in 2018, offering the general public facilities for refuelling hydrogen-powered cars. The station is located on Wilfrid-Hamel Boulevard in Quebec City and has been completely redesigned to make it possible to supply gasoline, diesel fuel, hydrogen and electricity at a single location. Hydrogen is produced on site by the electrolysis of water using a GHG emission-free process resulting in a clean product. The electricity used to manufacture the hydrogen is from renewable sources. This exciting project is thus completely green. This hydrogen fuelling station will power the first 50 Toyota Mirai cars purchased by the Quebec government.

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  3. Auto propane

    Our network includes several refuelling points for vehicles that use auto propane. Propane is a lower-carbon, cleaner-burning energy source than gasoline and diesel fuel. Compared to gasoline, propane emits up to 26% fewer greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of a vehicle. In addition, auto propane emits 98% fewer airborne particles than diesel fuel.

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  4. Electric cars

    Our retail network is the first in Quebec to make quick charging available. Harnois Énergies is listening to consumers and the arguments in favour of the energy transition and has chosen to be a proactive and strategic player by installing its first charging stations along busy roadways. Today, our network includes 16 electric charging stations.

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